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  • Vern Burress:
    Olivia has managed several of our properties for a few years.  Her attention to detail is truly amazing.  Because of this we have turned over all of the day to day operations.  The monthly operating statement spreadsheets and reports detail and outline everything we could ever need to know. The marketing plan that is place has units filled most of the time before they are vacant. We have used numerous property managers over the years and none of them have ever given us the service and follow up that K &O Properties has.  I would recommend Olivia for all your property management needs big or small!!
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  • Kena Bolton:
    K & O Properties is a very efficient Company when it comes to turning around units start to finish and managing! I could not be happier with how Olivia has helped me! Thank you!
  • Brett Geranen:
    As a new rental property owner, I appreciate the personal attention I get from K & O Properties. Olivia has been indispensable in helping me navigate this new endeavor while avoiding the potholes I didn't even know were there.
  • Mark Crosswait:
    I have had K & O Properties employed as my property manager since May of 2016. When they came on board, I had quite a mess, due to several factors that were in place prior to K & O’s arrival. Olivia jumped in, rolled up her sleeves, and immediately began making improvements to the property and to the way business was conducted.
    In a matter of less than a year, the apartment has improved its occupancy, its appearance, its efficiency, and its overall performance.
    I am happy to say that K & O is my property management firm, and will be for quite some time in the future.


  • Stephanie Hernandez:
    K&O properties helped my family find a home when we were moving from another state. Olivia helped make the process friendly and easy. Once we moved in the apartment complex was full of great people. We had a great experience.
  • Lee and Vicki Parsons:
    Being from another city and state, we really didn't know all that Rapid City had to offer. After not so great experiences in apartments, we came across K & O Properties. Olivia was extremely pleasant, accommodating and worked quickly to get us into a rental home. We couldn't be happier.
  • Arnell Abold:

    "K&O Property Management is definitely one of the best property management companies that I have had experience with.  Our property manager, Olivia, was always incredibly helpful and prompt whenever there were issues, concerns or questions.  I have recently moved to new place with a different property management company and I have to state that I really miss Olivia and K&O...I struggle with getting prompt responses and getting issues addressed. Definitely an A+ company!!"


  • Ray Robinson:
    I had to relocate to Rapid City and find a place to live quickly and fortunately I was able to find a great home that was perfect for my pets and all because of Olivia from K & O Properties. I did have some maintenance issues come up and she responded immediately and the problems were fixed. Being a former real estate agent I was very impressed with her professionalism and caring nature about her tenants.